Executive Cabinet
You will be able to control the entire learning process for each department and each employee through a single dashboard.
Managing divisions, employees, assortments, news, surveys, checklists, and schedules
Generating reports on the activity and progress of employees

Communication with employees via embedded messenger
Course Builder
Allows you in a matter of minutes to assemble a course from your training materials of any format and level of complexity, create from scratch or import ready-made lessons and tests, assign the passage of the course departments of the company, certain positions or specific employees.

Selecting the level of difficulty of the course (until the employee passes the previous level, he will not open the next one)

Quick import and export of lessons and tests
Assigning a course to units, positions and individual employees.


Logically structured catalog allows you to conveniently place information about your products and services in cards with photos, videos, descriptions and links, as well as customize recommendations of other items to be offered along with this item.
Flexible structure of catalog categories and subcategories.
Adding a product card to favorites
Built-in functionality for additional sales
Tests and assessments

Allows you to assess the knowledge of employees during training with open and closed questions. Assessments with limitations on time, number of attempts and required percentage of correct answers can be assigned at a time or by schedule, to specific employees, positions or entire departments.

The Learning Test option displays correct and incorrect answers after the test has been taken

Assigning appraisals to schedules, units, positions, and individual employees
No screenshots are allowed; after an attempt to take a screenshot, a notification is sent to the manager and the user is automatically logged out

Statistics and reports
Statistics allows you to quickly find the weak links among employees and the cause of their low performance, and adjust the learning process. A single dashboard provides information on employee activity and department rating with the ability to upload these reports in any format.

Detailed activity of each employee in the application

Progress control down to the answers to a specific test
Downloading reports in any format

Employee application home screen with the most up-to-date information: company news, product range updates, assigned courses, appraisals and surveys, changes in work schedule, awards received and ratings.

Publication of planned news and on a specific event
Ability to create news with or without any attachments
Notification of news readings by specific employees.

Fixing important news
Surveys and checklists
Create pending and recurring surveys and checklists for employees to fill out on a set schedule.
Create pending surveys and checklists for employees to fill out on a set schedule.
Choose from a range of choices, calendar dates, and times in hours and minutes, and upload photos or videos.
Download reports in any format
The section can be used as a single knowledge base of the company by placing orders, regulations and other important documents.

Structured catalog with search function
Ability to add courses to "Favorites"

Materials in DOC, PDF, MP4 and other formats

Chat and communication

The app features two-way chat with employees and push notifications about news and promotions. Send messages, notify about news, promotions, changes in assortment all at once or specific employees.

You can attach any in-app materials or an external link to the message

Two-way chat with employees
Push notifications on news and promotions

Gamification and Rating

The internal rating and gamification system makes the training process more effective. Employees compete with each other and receive rewards for achievements.
Virtual rewards encourage employees to be active.

Training certificates are used to confirm the required level of knowledge.

Transparent scoring system turns training into a game

Schedules of work

Now the most up-to-date employee schedule is available at any time in the employee's personal profile
A single source of shift schedule and work schedule in the employee's phone.

Notifications about schedule changes are sent automatically

ServiceGuru - anytime, anywhere training

Reduce staff rotation
The knowledge gained will help employees feel free and confident, to be well versed in the assortment and the product
Give your full attention to your customers
Allow your managers to concentrate on the customer, not on constantly training employees and testing their knowledge.

Keep your employees up to date with news
With one click you can inform your employees about events, news and other important events.

Expose your service to the best of your ability

Knowing your range and service will allow your employees to recommend exactly what your customers would like at that moment.