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Sergei Gorbunov
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Daria Likhoivan
History of Creation
The idea for ServiceGuru came to Sergei Gorbunov when he was a restaurateur. At that time, employees were trained exclusively off-line, and they were trained from paper notes. It became clear that this model of training was no longer so effective, and mobile staff training would soon replace it.Then Sergei turned to Anton Vdovichenko. Together they tested the idea on the owners of large and small establishments, after which they decided to invest their own money in the development. Soon the first version of ServiceGuru appeared.

From the founding and to this day together with our clients we are creating a history, developing ourselves and our employees, we are developing an ideal training system for business in the service sector
Антон Вдовиченко
Сергей Горбунов
reating the future together
56142 employees use the platform
Entering new markets: Dubai, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
winner of the "Innovation Against the Crisis" contest
participation in the ed2tech gas pedal
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appearance of ServiceGuru
Creating tools and solving business problems for the development of your business
22 ready-made courses: from service training to wine instruction videos.
Manager online training
A personal online training manager with additional functionality for offline and online training is assigned to the company

  1. Shooting and creating custom courses
If the course you need is not in the catalog, we will create it taking into account the specifics of your business

Consultation with Sergey Gorbunov
The founder of ServiceGuru, a restaurateur with more than 20 years of experience, will give recommendations on developing your business and finding growth points
Дарья Лихойван
We believe that innovation can solve this problem and help any establishment, even a small one, become profitable and popular.

Personnel are the most valuable resource of any business, and if not handled properly, they are its weakest link.

We at ServiceGuru believe that
Sergei Gorbunov
Founder and CEO of ServiceGuru

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We offer work both remotely and in the office, without a rigid work regime and time-trackers

Looking for people who are ready to generate ideas, automate and improve their work
We believe that it is necessary to evaluate the results of work, not the amount of time spent
Sales Manager

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