Train Your Employees

By applying ServiceGuru technology, you can effectively train employees in a short period of time, monitor progress and knowledge online. You no longer have to spend time to motivate employees to learn — ServiceGuru will do it for you!

Reduce Staff Turnover

By having the possibility to get professional knowledge any time and anywhere employees will learn faster and feel confident about their knowledge and skills. This will have effect to guest satisfaction and loyalty, which leads to revenue growth. ServiceGuru is the power!

Pay Attention to Your Guests

Do not turn your managers into office workers, printing educational materials and constantly checking the basic knowledge of menu and standards. Let them be around the guests and engage with them. ServiceGuru — will check the knowledge for you!

Immediate Information Sharing on News and Promotions

With one click you can inform all employees at the same time about company news and any other important events requiring general mailing and see in real time the number of employees, who read the information. ServiceGuru will notify all!

Show Your Guest the Best of Your Place

Knowledge of menu and standard of service will help employees anticipate guests’ needs and offer exactly what the guest wanted. ServiceGuru will help your guests love your place!

Increase Social Reputation

Social networks can easily ruin the reputation with just one negative feed. By having opportunity to constantly build their knowledge and check the level of understanding, employees will not make mistakes. ServiceGuru — will not let this happen!